About Saffron

Saffron, Persian red gold

Saffron is a plant of the family Iridaceae, genus crocus and species Sativus. It has light violet flowers and red stigmata and is the same red gold, called also saffron zafaran or scientifically Crocus Sativus.

Saffron flowering period is between 15 to 20 days and the harvest period of 10 – 15 days continuing up to 21 December.

Saffron harvest is performed before the sun-rise. The flowers are picked followed by stigmata separation which require extreme precision and patience. The next step is saffron desiccation.

Saffron maintenance

To be kept against humidity and sunlight

Saffron dispersion

Saffron is planted in different parts of the world such as Greece, Italy, Spain,  England, New Zealand, China, America, Afghanistan and Iran. Despite imagination, saffron plantation is not limited to Khorasan. Saffron is also planted in Fars & Esfahan Provinces. Yet, it is much and mostly planted in Khorasan, and due to the type of soil, climate and power allocated to saffron production, excellent saffron is naturally grown by Khorasani industrious farmers.

Saffron applications

As food seasoning

Saffron has long been vastly recognized as a food flavoring and coloring agent. In Arabic countries, saffron is customarily used to make tea and coffee. As an excellent spice, saffron is also used in cooking, baking, ketchups, sauces, salads and Persian traditional ice-cream.

As medication

Saffron is the best for depression treatment. This is why you feel tranquilized upon drinking a cup of saffron tea.

Removal of kidney stones, treatment of migraine and prevention of heart stand-still and cancerous cells growth are saffronother medical benefits.

Paint production industries

Saffron flower envelopes(sepals, petals) contain dye stuff and can be used in the paint production industry.


We cultivate saffron in the best method. We harvest saffron employing experienced man-power. The hands of the most skillful farmers pack saffron in our company for export in compliance with intense health principles and national standards.



  • Saffron,The Persian red goldAlso has a special position in the pharmaceutic and sanitary industries. Saffron has numerous therapeutic effects. The most important of which is the prevention of cancerous cells growth and creation of happiness.Beside food applications, saffron. The sanitary industries also apply saffron compounds in the synthesis of types of perfumes and cosmetic powders.
  • Best SoffronSaffron is known as the most precious spices in the world.
  • KTT SAFFRON GROUPThis organization has dedicated all its effort to provide the best Persian saffron, applying perfectly hygienic methods, observing required standards , using the newest techniques of packing and offers it to the native and International customers